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What 2 Expect

Once you start, you never go back to shaving OR your hairy self!
Your next visit:
Sorry, the hair is going to grow back. BUT! You'll feel and look great for about 3 weeks at least. There's nothing like the bit of discomfort is certainly worth it!

Difference is that ALL the hair growing back are new and soft. Unlike your beard where you generally shave through young and old hairs alike causing that stubbly feel.

Waxed hair feels different.

Most guys repeat their visits every 6 weeks. If you go sooner, like every 4 weeks, the hairs are still young and not established, so it tends to be less painful.

Go whenever you're ready. Just remember that your therapist needs at least 5mm of hair for the wax to adhere to.

Some guys have their backs done every 3 weeks....!

We rest our case...
How the hair is removed

First the skin is prepped with a pre-wax gel. This removes oiliness from the hair to ensure good adhesion with the wax.

A further thin layer of oil is sometimes applied depending on the skin type and the area. This does the same job as the gel, but also protects the skin.

Waxing Products:
2 Different types of wax are generally used: Soft (Hot) wax and Strip wax.

Soft Wax: (Also called Hot Wax by some)
This is a bubblegummy type of wax applied with a wooden spatula. The wax is heated to a gooey consistency so that it can adhere to the hair when applied, but not uncomfortably hot. It is applied along the direction of the hair growth.

When it cools down and sets after a short while, the wax is pulled off against the direction of hair growth, taking the hair with it.

Hot wax is generally used in more sensitive areas like the genitals, crack and faces because it is more gentle. Some therapists would do your entire body using only soft wax ... this is a treat, but a very LONG one!

Strip Wax:
This is a more runny type of wax that runs at a higher temperature than soft wx. It is generally applied in a very thin layer with a steel spatula, also along the direction of the hair growth. A special paper or fabric strip is placed on the wax and pressed down to ensure good adhesion.

When the strip is pulled away rapidly against the growth direction, the hair goes with it.

Strip wax is generally used for larger areas like backs, arms and legs.

Deciding which wax to use in certain areas may be a matter of economics and time vs. comfort: Strip Wax is quicker while Soft Wax is gentler...

WARNING: In some countries strip wax is used to remove genital hair....OUCH!.... Not a good idea... Try to encourage your therapist to try Soft (or sometimes called 'Hot') wax down "there"....

To soothe the skin, a cooling gel like Aloe Vera is applied, sometimes along with skin repair enhancing lotions like Tee Tree with Vitamin E or Green Tea Lotion.

You're done and sent on you way feeling like a new man!
Yeah, it hurts! But not NEARLY as much as you think! Add that to the fact that different parts of your body have different levels of sensitivity, like the small of your back or the center of your ches, tend to be more sensitive. Then again, not true for some men....

Everyone experiences it differently, because every bloke has a different resistance to what's happening. The general response from 99% of guys is: "Gee, it doesn't hurt as much as I thought!" or "Oh! Not so bad!"

It can also depend on what you are having done. Don't try and do it ALL in the first go. Try maybe your back or your butt, or remove the hair from your shaft (yeah, we're serious!) to give your body some kind of "register". Then build up to the main event over a few visits...unless you feel nothing but strong right there and then!

Some guys take a few pain killers 30 minutes before their treatments. This helps but be sure to check that you are not allergic to any particular brand before going this route.

Booze? Don't do it! Its not a good idea ... and you'll smell. Your therapist won't take kindly to it ..... get the drift?

Drugs? Sorry, can't help you there but we would guess it heightens your senses .... and you kind-of want to avoid that?

Look, you want advice? Just lie down and deal with it. You might learn something.