M: 0404-308860 @ 31 Cambridge St - Enmore - Sydney - NSW
Helping men achieve their best visual potential.
Back, sack and crack (includes the butt) $120.00
Back, butt and crack $90.00
Back (minimum charge) $50.00
Chest and tummy $60.00
Brazilian (shaft, sack and perineum) $70.00
Full Colombian (Brazilian plus the pubes go too) $80.00
Legs including the feet $110.00
Arms including the hands $100.00
Ears and noses each $10.00
Eyebrows.... Lets talk about that....  
*Prices for other combinations vary. Just ask.  
Full body wax (nothing on the face) $290.00
Full body without arms $250.00
Top of body (back, chest, tummy, arms, hands) $190.00
Bottom of body (legs, Brazilian, butt, crack, feet) $190.00
Arms, Brazilian, back butt and crack $180.00
CLIPPING & SHAVING (Anything but the face)  
Full body clip $120.00
*All clipping starts at the $50 minimum. Then it depends on time as it ticks up to roughtly $120 an hour. So you might want to combine little jobs with other things....like a bit of waxing.

Treatments are private.
Relaxed - Comfortable - Hygienic

Conveniently Situated.
Halfway between Newtown and Stanmore Stations. Walkable and well serviced by buses. Lots of uncontrolled street parking till 6pm.

To make an appointment:
SMS 0404 308860



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