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A first-time waxer:
I had been searching high and low for a quality therapist that would do full male waxing treatments. I have always clippered and shaved before and felt it was time to move into full waxing.

I was very happy with this website and Nic's studio.

The procedure for waxing was professional and informative so I felt comfortable the whole time. The information about after care really helped as well.

Recommend the professional service, and the wealth of information and FAQ's on your website.
A www-surfer comment:
Thank god for your web site.. :) I've been considering getting a brazilian for a little while now and stumbled across your site. Thanks for putting up something so informative! A lot of my questions have been answered.
A long-term waxer:
I've been waxing for many years and by many people, but this was the best waxing experience anywhere.
About pain:
The least painful wax ever. How do you do it?
It is such a relaxing environment, despite being naked and having my hair pulled out. I feel so comfortable here.
A post on www.cracker.com.au

Buys... Check out this website...www.waxing4blokes.com

Great site and a great therapist...

I've been waxing my nads for a long time and love it. I'd love to wax by back..but I get too many spots so have given up on that..

I'd also love to do my legs...but not brave enough to walk out in public to show I'm waxing..LOL

W4B saw this exchange on a blog:

"Just a couple of weeks ago, I was talking to someone who works in a place that does waxing, and she has talked about how many blokes get waxed, which wasn't a surprise to hear.. she did mention that many of them did go at the insistence of their partners (who probably made it clear that they weren't going near them if they didn't 'smooth up'), and that more blokes than ever were doing this.

It wasn't so much the service, but the logo to advertise it: 'Crack, Back, Sack'.. quite Australian in its directness methinks!"