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CLOSED 24 August -15 September 2019

Sydney-based WAXING4BLOKES has specialised exlusively in male waxing for over 10 years.
Most of the countless men, local, interstate and international who have come to get waxed here
during that time did not want to be seen to be going into a salon. Good on you and thank-you!

Waxing men for over 13 years!
W4B is private which has the advanges of no waiting room situation and keeping costs down. The atmosphere is relaxed, hygenic, professional and respectful. W4B makes your waxing visit an experience that will make you look good and feel good, not a trial by suffering.

W4B wax anything from your full body to only your shaft, sack and crack. Wax your back, or get a butt wax, a Brazilian (shaft and sac), a full Colombian (pubes of as well), chest and stomach wax, legs wax, feet, hands and arms wax, or a combination of any of them.

For 14 years has been a center for information about male waxing in Australia and internationally. The website was created to inform and educate men about body waxing for men at a time when there was only rubbish on the internet about male waxing. Knowledge is power and W4B intends for each man who waxes to know as much as possible about male waxing, the benefits of manscaping and the advantages of removing your body hair.

is exclusively for men only.
All bookings are by appointment only.
to make an appointment.
BOOK NOW: 0404 308860
Cambridge Street, Enmore, NSW

IPL & Permanent Hair Removal

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